Brighten Up Your Mason Jars

I have some serious adoration for mason jars, but who doesn’t? The fact that you can use them in so many ways is what has me smitten! When I saw these bright and beautiful mason jar vases on the wonderful blog, Joy’s Hope, I knew I had to share them with you. With a little spray paint, you can add some new life to your party or home decor!


  • Clear mason jars
  • Spray paint in your choice of color {recommended: Rustoleum Ultra Cover}
  • Cardboard
  • Gorgeous flowers to fill them with!


Gather your jars, place them upside down on a tarp, or piece of cardboard. Lightly and evenly cover the outsides of each jar. Lighter coats are better – less chance for icky drips. Since the paint is on the outside, the flowers can rest in water on the inside. If your jars will get a lot of use, or will be transported, keep in mind that the spray paint might scrape off a bit.  Either use spray primer first, or touch up with more paint as needed.

For more great ideas, visit Joy’s Hope!

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Mini Burger Cookies

Photo Courtesy of: The Girl Who Ate Everything

This recipe has to be one of the cutest we’ve ever seen! Besides their adorable look and yummy taste, we love that you can make these Mini Burger Cookies with your kids for a great family activity. Perfect for any outdoor party, they will surely have your guests asking you how you made them! For the complete recipe, visit The Girl Who Ate Everything!


 Assemble them using wafers, grasshopper cookies, and colored frosting…

Dye some shredded coconut green for your lettuce.

Red & yellow frosting for ketchup & mustard.

 Mini Burger Cookies!

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Nautical Party Napkins

With the nautical theme being so popular, it’s easy to find a lot of really great party inspiration for it! On the search for an upcoming birthday celebration I was styling, I stumbled upon these chic navy & white striped napkins at Party City!  A little twine and a package of Lifesavers, and voila! Nautical napkin perfection. What I loved was that they were super easy to make, very budget friendly, and most importantly…they looked fabulous!

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Accordion Paper Flowers

We are in love with these fun and colorful ACCORDION PAPER FLOWERS created by Disney of Ruffles & Stuff! Not only are they beautiful, but they are also very budget-friendly! Each one just uses two pieces of scrapbook paper, so you can make your party look amazing without breaking the bank!

Instructions (as told by Disney):

Make paper flowers, accordion style:

  1. Take two sheets of square scrap-booking paper, and fold each one accordion style in 1″ sections.
  2. Snip the ends in a rounded or pointed shape.
  3. Fold each one in half.
  4. Staple each one together on one side to form a half-circle.
  5. Then staple the two halves together!
  6. Use a hole punch to make a hole near the top, and hang with string or yarn.

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Ruffled Party Hats

We can’t get over how lovely these RUFFLED PARTY HATS created by the very talented Disney of Ruffles & Stuff are! We’re so delighted to be able to show you her handcrafted party decor and give you the easy-to-follow steps on how you can make these fabulous hats yourself!

Instructions (as told by Disney):

Make your own homemade party hats, ruffle style:

  1. Start with a sheet of heavy weight scrap booking paper. Using a ruler, measure 10″ away from a corner in three different spots. (See grey dots on photo #1)
  2. Then cut an even curve, using the dots as your guide.
  3. Cut a 2″x26″ strip of coordinating fabric, and sew them to the bottom, curved edge of your paper, scrunching evenly as you go.
  4. Do the same on top with a 2″x6″ strip.
  5. Fold into a cone, and staple 2-3 times. You can also use a little tape on the top to help secure.
  6. Staple one end of a 13″ length of elastic string to the bottom of your hat, and tie the string in a couple of knots. Repeat with the other end of the string on the opposite side of the hat.


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