Ruffled Party Hats

We can’t get over how lovely these RUFFLED PARTY HATS created by the very talented Disney of Ruffles & Stuff are! We’re so delighted to be able to show you her handcrafted party decor and give you the easy-to-follow steps on how you can make these fabulous hats yourself!

Instructions (as told by Disney):

Make your own homemade party hats, ruffle style:

  1. Start with a sheet of heavy weight scrap booking paper. Using a ruler, measure 10″ away from a corner in three different spots. (See grey dots on photo #1)
  2. Then cut an even curve, using the dots as your guide.
  3. Cut a 2″x26″ strip of coordinating fabric, and sew them to the bottom, curved edge of your paper, scrunching evenly as you go.
  4. Do the same on top with a 2″x6″ strip.
  5. Fold into a cone, and staple 2-3 times. You can also use a little tape on the top to help secure.
  6. Staple one end of a 13″ length of elastic string to the bottom of your hat, and tie the string in a couple of knots. Repeat with the other end of the string on the opposite side of the hat.


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